Spotlight On: The Romero Theater Troupe (Part 1)

by Rianna Riegelman

Born in a CU Denver Classroom, James Walsh’s Passion Project Fulfills a Calling



Jim Walsh, Associate Professor with CU Denver Political Science. Photo Courtesy Kevin Cox Photography.

It’s been more than a decade since CU Denver Political Science Associate Professor Jim Walsh transformed his lecture hall into a theater, bringing history to life for thousands of CU Denver students. From the classroom to the community, Walsh’s vision of an all-volunteer, “organic” community theater collective is celebrating its 10th year with a humbling achievement.

The Romeros have been performing for 10 years now and interest in the work they do and their model of social activism through the arts seems to be growing exponentially.


Members of the Romero Theater Troupe during a performance about Milka Sablich and the Coal Miners Strike of 1927.


“Romero is at the epicenter of something very important that’s going on in American culture,” says Sue Doe, Associate Professor of English at Colorado State University. Doe is working on a book that addresses current applications of socially engaged art, particularly in regard to workplaces and labor.

“Moreover, the Romero Troupe may be the single best example of arts activism, continuously running, in the entire nation today.”

“The arts, and particularly theater, are talking back to power and, in the process, reclaiming some of the credibility that was theirs prior to the deregulation economics of the 1980s and associated economic and political trends. Moreover, the Romero Troupe may be the single best example of arts activism, continuously running, in the entire nation today.”



Look for Part Two of this highlight on the Romero Theater Troupe and conversation with Jim Walsh coming Monday, December 14th!

If you have a story that you would like to propose for a Romero Troupe performance, contact

To keep abreast of Romero events and performance schedules, click here.

Rianna Riegelman is a CU Denver and CLAS alumna (1999) with a BA in English Writing. She works as a freelance writer, editor and graphic designer in Denver and Boulder.

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