Unique Opportunity for a CU Denver Poli Sci Student with the Non-Profit, No Labels

Students! The CEO of No Labels​ has reached out to us looking for a student leader to send to the October 12th Problem Solver Convention in Manchester, New Hampshire.

No Labels will provide round-trip transportation, as well as housing for October 11th. 

Over eight Presidential candidates from both parties will be there, as well as Congressmen, Governors, Senators, and other political leaders from throughout the country.


For any who don’t know what No Labels is, it’s a non-profit organization manned by volunteers “who have had it up to their eyebrows with all the petty infighting, party-first agendas.” No Labels lets go of bipartisan politics to focus on the government’s big issues.

The student selected to go to the convention will be expected to commit to building a CU Denver chapter of No Labels upon his or her return.

For more on the convention, click here.

To apply, enter your information below, and tell us why you’d be a good fit in the comment section.

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